Intelligent DVR


Qvis Labs' Intelligent DVRs embody a complete rethinking of today’s systems with advanced functionality designed to be the world's easiest to use DVR.  The proven hardware, advanced functionality, and robust simplicity designed into our DVRs make them ideal for business owners, law enforcement, and system installers.

Business Owners

Business owners feel secure knowing that they can monitor their surveillance system from anywhere in the world using an Internet connection and a standard web browser, including those found on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch. Our high-quality surveillance video feels like watching HDTV making small details visible and useful.  With operation as simple as using a DVD player or watching a YouTube video, the need for specially trained technical staff is eliminated.



System Installers

Installers will appreciate our advanced software which automatically senses cameras and begins intelligently recording video without the need to set up schedules, configure motion detection, or wade through a million option and configuration settings. Moving on to the next installation is quick and easy because our systems are designed to install in record time.  Our clear, intuitive interface, proven hardware, and integrated help system significantly reduces follow-up calls from customers unclear on operational procedures.

Law Enforcement

Our familiar web interface, integrated help, sensible menus – including fast, one-touch Backup – and continuous playback timeline make it easy for law enforcement to find and take away exactly the right crime-scene footage. The fantastic video quality delivered by the brand new H.264 encoder produces standards-compliant streams ideal for cross-platform access and makes positive identification of bad guys easier and more reliable.  Its low, disk-friendly bit rates are ideal for disk space conservation and efficient backup times and built-in RAID 5 technology protects against data loss in the event of hardware failure.

Strong Technology

Easy to use, anywhere, anytime access is integral to our systems and is delivered by leveraging the latest visual web tools – AJAX, DHTML, JavaScript, Java and XML, for example. These technologies enable seamless support for Windows XP, Windows Vista and MAC OS X, without the need to install or continually update any DVR-specific software on any newer PC or MAC, including playback, PTZ and administrative functions.

The Future of DVR

While advancing ease of use, video quality and accessibility to the next level, Qvis DVRs also deliver the best of traditional systems – and more – with models ranging up to 32 cameras, D1 image quality, real-time frame rates, up to 4 HDMI monitor outputs, up to 8+TB internal disk space, Gigabit Ethernet, USB mouse, many alarms/relays, RAID 5, and backup support via local USB, DVD, Blu-ray and remote storage. Software and boards are also separately sold to enable private label/branded solutions.

Watch your business from anywhere in the world
  • Internet accessible
  • No client to install
  • Use the most popular browsers on Vista, XP and Mac


  • Continuous Playback Timeline
  • High Audio and Video Quality
  • Sensible Menus and Integrated Help
  • One-touch Backup Menu

  • Cameras are automatically detected and enabled
  • Wire, configure and quickly move on to the next job
  • Simple menus and integrated help reduce service calls